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"Her voice has beautiful sparkle and warmth, and her coloratura and high E's were excellent. An outstanding comedienne ... her scenes were particularly funny."



"Claire Averill as the required Slave Girl/ Blondie brings the Jersey Shore to space and plays it so well that her incredible soprano almost comes as a shock!"




"...Blondie (Claire Averill) whose cutesy New-Yorker accent falls away to reveal a ringing, powerful soprano. Osmin is slave to her voice, and so is the theatre."



"He is sexually obsessed with the Orion slave girl and their scenes together are just pure opera magic as she tries to manipulate him in order to free herself. When I first saw soprano Claire Averill sing the role of Calisto in the outrageous POP production of the baroque opera of the same name she left an indelible impression. In this role, she is even better with that gorgeous, refined voice and dead pan acting timing that compliments so well Mr. Meyers’ talents."                                                                                             



"Callisto played by the lusciously beautiful and great-voiced Claire Averill"                                                                                                                     



"...Claire Averill who delighted with her...astonishingly strong operatic voice."



                                                                                - Carol Winston, Singerpreneur

                                                                                            - Charles Karel Bouley, Huffington Post

- Courtney Blackburn, Pasadena Independent

- Humberto Capiro, Living Out Loud Los Angeles

- John Farrell, Daily Bulletin

- David Maurer, Culture Spot LA

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